Coffee In Espresso Machines Tastes Different

Why does coffee brewed in an espresso machine seem to have less complex flavors than coffee brewed by other methods?

One may have noticed that the coffee made using espresso machines tastes way better than the one prepared using other methods. At cafes, you will usually find one of the best bunn coffee makers which are used to prepare your delicious coffee beverages. Whereas if you try to make the same drink at home, it won’t taste as delicious as it was at the cafe. To know the reason behind this, let’s explore the factors behind coffee making through espresso machines.

Reasons Why Coffee Made From Espresso Machines Taste Different

Below are some of the most probable reasons for which the coffee’s taste is different when it is made with the help of espresso machines.

The Grind of the Coffee

One major factor that makes the coffee taste less complex using espresso machine than being brewed through other method is how well the coffee beans are grinded. Check out list of all factors which affects the quality of coffee. If grinding is not up to the mark then your coffee won’t taste as good as in cafes. Volatile flavors and aromatics of coffee beans can only be extracted through perfect grinding. While making coffee, the first thing you must do is to crush the coffee beans into small pieces and add it to water. Your next move will be to grind the coffee before brewing it. Espresso machine has high quality grinder that mixes the coffee beans with water easily and extracts the best flavors whereas other methods are incapable of extracting all the flavors of coffee.

Temperature of Water

Every substance comes with an ideal temperature at which it reacts at an optimum level. Same is the case with coffee made using espresso machines. The ideal temperature for extracting best flavors of the coffee beans is between 195 and 205 Degree Fahrenheit. At this temperature, coffee beans release their flavors into water. The flavor mixes well producing best taste and aroma of the coffee. Espresso machines come with temperature monitoring system that focuses on maintaining the ideal temperature for best outcome. Coffee made with other methods lacks this feature and thus it becomes difficult to control the temperature of water disallowing you to experience the best taste of the coffee.

Water Quality

Quality of water is an important factor for making good quality and taste of the coffee. Roughly 98% of your finished cup consists of water, so it’s necessary to use best quality water. If we consider making coffee using other methods, we might usually use tap water that consists of lot of bacteria that couldn’t be flushed out without using a good filtration system. While all the other methods lacks in proper filtration system, espresso machines is equipped with the best in class filtration technology. This filtration system helps in removing all the harmful substance from the water and thus increasing the quality of water. Some of the best Bunn coffee makers come with advanced filtration techniques and systems. Better the quality of water, better will be the taste of the coffee.

The Last Words

These are the possible reasons due to which your coffee doesn’t taste as good as the one using espresso machines. To make your coffee taste pleasurable, buy one of the best Bunn coffee makers available as you can find them at a cheaper rate, they are packed with advanced features and modern technologies. Now you know the reason behind the huge taste difference that exists between these two methods. If you have access to a decent espresso machine, you must always try making your coffee with it.